Sujet : Ultrafine Mill Is the Perfect Equipment to Process Kaolin

China is very rich in coal resources. Since the large sized coal mines are usually associated with kaolin, so kaolin resource is very abundant in our country. As the paper-making industry and coating industry advance, China's papermaking and coating markets are quite fierce. But due to the lack of kaolin resources, they are now in a shrinking period.
The value of raw kaolin ores is not high. Generally speaking, kaolin is sold out after having been ground by basic milling machines. In the processing industry of kaolin, Raymond mill, high strength grinding mill and ultrafine mill are the principal kaolin grinding machines. The kaolin ores can be ground to various specifications from 200 mesh to 2500 mesh, and then the finished kaolin powder is supplied to steel plants and ceramic factories.
From the current supply and demand of the domestic market, kaolin powder will continue to account for a large proportion in a long period. How to configure an appropriate grinding machine will affect the future development of kaolin processing enterprises. Kaolin grinding mill has played a huge role in the development of kaolin industry.
Our ultrafine mill owns mature technologies and simplified process. So it has a good effect to use the ultrafine mill to produce kaolin fines. In addition, as the applicable scope of kaolin is expanding continuously, now Raymond mill, ultrafine mill and micro powder mill all can be used as kaolin grinding machines to process kaolin. Welcome your cooperation.