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Bonjour, je suis nouveau dans le domaine de la logistique, et je souhaiterai connaitre des solutions pour réduire les coûts d'achats d'une entreprise. Je vous serais reconnaissant si vous puissiez m'aider à enrichir mes informations là-dessus.


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Ce sera très difficile pour vous d'acheter une entreprise de qualité! fanfiction


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I would love to discuss this matter with you. Hope we can connect.
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I'm actually gathering knowledge about logistics. Thank you for this article!
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One tip: Save money on office supplies by contacting vendors to let them know you’re price shopping. Look outside your pool of traditional vendors. Large discount suppliers like BJ's, Amazon or Wal-Mart can often beat traditional office supply vendor prices.

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You can try this tip as well. As a small business owner, I find narrowing my business focus to be one of the most effective strategies to improving my bottom line. By limiting the types of services I offer and projects I accept, I am more productive and produce higher-quality work. Another way to narrow your business focus is to subcontract. Rather than turn away business, maximize your capacity by subcontracting pieces whenever possible. More projects equal more revenue, while subcontracting equals lower expenses. The result is a better bottom line.

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Thank you so much for sharing that tip. Well, I am struggling to put up my own business since I really dont know where to start. Thanks for the tip though.
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