Sujet : The advantage of aggrandizement wood floor

The advantage of aggrandizement wood floor? Aggrandizement wood floor, traceable Europe, bkind with the new-style floor that man-made board is base material, can divide the aggrandizement wood floor that is base material to spend beaverboard with medium, high density and the aggrandizement wood floor that are base material with paring commonly two kinds big. Its aggrandizement the physical structure of log, overcame the weakness with log poor stability. In last few years so aggrandizement floor got many in carry consumer like. So what does the advantage of aggrandizement wood floor have? Mix together small make up go looking together
1. and photograph of real wood floor are compared, exterior wear-resisting performance is high, have taller flame retardation, be able to bear or endure pollution corrodes ability strong, fight pressure, anti-impact properties is good
2. and photograph of floor of traditional fact wood are compared, norms size is large
3. price is cheaper
4. design and color is more, can emulate all sorts of natural or man-made decorative pattern
5. laid is convenient
6. The ground whole effect after laid is good
7. dimension stability is good, because this can make sure the aperture between the floor in use process is lesser, have wriggle through the earth not easily
8. colour and lustre is even, visual effect is good
9. facilitating cleanness, nurse
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