Sujet : Ultrafine Mill Is a Good Choice for Heavy Calcium Carbonate Powder Mak

The rapid expansion of our economy and industry makes the demand for heavy calcium carbonate powder increase sharply. What is heavy calcium carbonate powder? I think a lot of people didn't really know. Heavy calcium carbonate powder is the direct product of the crushing and grinding of calcite or limestone. It is usually used in paints, rubber, desulfurization, agriculture, construction, plastics and other industries.
The demand for heavy calcium carbonate powder is diverse. It has a good development and broad application. In the actual production, heavy calcium carbonate powder can be used as the weighting agent of tire, or as the water-based paint agent for whitening, and it also can be used as blast furnace sorbent and feed additives. Heavy calcium carbonate powder is widely used in sheet materials. Thus it has an extremely high requirement on the processing equipment.
Before the grinding of heavy calcium carbonate powder, we should know something about calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is the main composition of limestone and marble. Marble can be treated as a kind of metamorphic limestone. In general, heavy calcium carbonate is made by calcite. We usually use jaw stone crusher for the coarse crushing of calcite, and then send the broken minerals to ultrafine mill for fine grinding. The fineness can be adjusted from 100 mesh to 425 mesh. The finished heavy calcium carbonate powders in terms of different fineness are used in different industries.
SBM Machinery is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of grinding machines. Our ultrafine mill is of superior quality, excellent performance, high sieving rate and capacity, strong productivity and reliability, reasonable price and easy operation. ultrafine mill contains progressive technique and process. It is a good choice for the preparation of heavy calcium carbonate powder.