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Bonjour, on est en train de trouver une société commerciale locale pour acheter la bière et nous aider à exporter vers la Chine. Nos clients chinois veulent acheter « kronenbourg 1664 blanc ».
si vous êtes intéressé à coopérer avec notre entreprise N’hésitez pas à me contacter

Dear Sir/Madam,

on behalf  of our company, I was wondering if you are interested in cooperating with our company or not. Our Chinese clients want to purchase "kronenbourg 1664 blanc" .Because french manufacturers have agents in China  so can not be directly exported to China to our company, then we need to find a local trading company to buy the beer and help us to export to China. For the first time, they want a 40-foot container, each box size is 330ml x 24 bottles. This will be a long-term cooperation in the future.

Our company's primary payment method is a letter of credit, if you don't agree with the letter of credit, our company will pay  30% deposit of the payment first after inspection the products in France, and will  pay  the rest 30% after receiving the bill of lading, after they receive products will pay the rest 40% finally.

At  the moment, to process the whole business corporation. We need you to provide us with the documents of your qualifications, and also photos of the warehouse and inventory, the date of production of the beer, how much the registered capital of your company is in euros, your export data, where is the port you can do the shipment, whether we can negotiate the contract together, whether we can arrange a meeting for inspection products.( deposit will be paid after the inspection)packing list, certificate of origin, original supplier invoice, international transport contract, export customs clearance documents, health certificates, sales certificates, health certificates, quarantine certificates, phytosanitary certificates, analytical reports, food and drug certificates.

Also, is it important that if you can provide a price of our order, delivery fees are included or not? We accept CIF  freight terms, by the way,we also need you to provide us real-time video, real-time positioning during whole coorperation process.

please find our business license of legal entity and the product we want to purchase In the attachment.
My contact number: +33768661103

Kind regards,

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